Student Scientific Association Negotiator is one of the oldestLogoSKN and most active student’s organizations at the Warsaw School of Economics.

It was established in 2000 in cooperation with the Warsaw School of Economics’  Department for Human Capital Development.

The aim of our organization is to improve our members’ skills concerning negotiation, effective communication and psychology and to promote those skills among students. In order to fulfill this goal, we carry out various projects as well as organize lectures, delivered by professionals, special guests or most experienced members of our association.

SSA Negotiator is considered to be one of the most active students’ associations at the Warsaw School of Economics. Our projects are highly evaluated by Student Authorities at Warsaw School of Economics. Few years ago our project “Warsaw Negotiation Round ” was awarded in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education Competition in the most important category, which was “Project of the year”, winning among 245 submitted projects from all types of universities from entire Poland. The competition was held under the patronage of prof. Barbara Kudrycka, Minister of Science and Higher Education.

Another area of concern of our association are publications. We have already published 6 books on negotiation covering scenarios and analysis of negotiation games. One of those publications written by former SSA Negotiator members is currently available at the bookstores in Poland and has received favourable reviews.

The coordinators of 2019:

  • Magdalena Melke- Project Leader
  • Adrianna Gnoza- Project Leader
  • Karolina Niziołek- Venues Coordinator
  • Jerzy Kasprzyk- Partnership Coordinator
  • Karolina Kasprzyk – Promotion Coordinator
  • Paweł Siembab- Participants Coordinator
  • Tomasz Pochroń- Participants Coordinator
  • Shania Rizki Melina- Experts contact Coordinator
  • Oskar Nakonieczny- Experts contact Coordinator
  • Michalina Tarasiuk- Logistics Coordinator
  • Kamila Kropka- Administration Coordinator